YOUR MIND IS A PRISON  If it’s a struggle you’re dealing with, there’s nothing more frustrating because it seems no matter how hard you try, your mind always wins.  Past trauma, the opinions of others, anxiety… they all take a toll and it feels like they slowly chip away at your quality of life.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  In his book, YOUR MIND IS A PRISON, Jason Rosander, takes a different approach to dealing with and ultimately overcoming the self-sabotage so many of us deal with on a daily basis.   More than a predetermined or one-size-fits-all solution that’s touted as a “magic pill”, Jason’s approach is an adaptable, flexible, insightful, and thought-provoking style that meets you where you are and helps you move past the mental games and mental prison you’ve been in for so long – without the sugar coating.  If you’re tired… Tired of anxiety, worry, and fear holding you back, the chapters in this book will bring a level of awareness you haven’t yet considered, and help you break free from the mental cords that have been holding you down for so long. 

10/10 recommend, no matter what you are facing in life. Somewhere in this book you will find a piece that resonates with your life and hopefully give you a better understanding/meaning to keep pushing forward!
A must read!
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