There has to be a space that we are comfortable working in, and there has to be a “line”.

We cant be comfortable working in a space and then be ok if the line is crossed.

It doesnt matter if its emotional, it doesnt matter if it hurts, it doesnt matter if no one else understands it.

We have to be in a space that helps us create, that helps us experience what life really is.

Excuses arise when the line is crossed, but they are only excuses.

The mind will always protect the turf It has. The mind likes being comfortable.

The mind will still try and pop back in when Its not wanted. Thoughts are usually the enemy.

We don’t obsess over this line, we observe it, and Know that if we get to close we are lying to ourselves.

What is this line? The line is a marker, and once the marker is crossed we lose power. It doesn’t mean we cant cross it, it means we lose power. Do not get this confused with common duality; this line is nothing more than a marker. A maker we must be aware of. You can live beyond this marker, but you will slowly become weak.

We must stay in the space that gives us power. Know where the line is so you don’t cross it.

I’m writing this because most cross the line daily but justify it. Some of you reading this have been over the line your whole lives.

The fix?

Dont lie to yourselves anymore. Find your line and work in the space around it that gives you power. Observe.

All of this is available through awareness of your situation; by Knowing whats going on in your life and around you.

The problem is we make mental labels around our decisions and they either screw us or keep us in a box.

Don’t label anything, observe it, accept it, and then modify what needs to be modified.

Nothing can ever be changed until its observed without emotion; until it is observed with true Reality around it.

Do not think that observing your line, without action (at first), is non-productive.

Sitting back and observing for a second allows the illumination of multiple decisions.Decisions give us choices.

Instead of one decision solely based off emotion and reaction.

Know your lines, Know your markers.

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