I don’t have to start off this article like every other idiot and say “In case you have been living under a rock…” because we all know what’s going on. A virus has “swept the world” as they say and things have changed. Even though it’s a new buzzword by the blue check marks, things won’t be exactly the same after this. A lot of things have changed and the cracks of our foundations are splitting open for many. Then again, when are they not? When does any tough situation not make us change? This is a rough situation, yes, but like always, we will get through it. Ignore the garbage you read about this being “the end” or “this is it” as so many scream about online. My question to them would be: how do you define “the end”, or what is “it” that you keep saying this is? I don’t know what they mean and frankly I don’t care; because the ones that live in the worst case scenario are always living in that scenario and they are miserable. It doesn’t take living in garbage to know there is garbage around us. Life has always been exactly what it is – a journey that always finds ways to make itself interesting. If it’s not one thing its the other, but we don’t have to mentally live in that 24/7. We acknowledge and press on. I see no other options.

But, either way, this is the time we live in. A time of fear, a time of degeneracy that never ends. Instead of reporting facts, we report only politics; we report only the right view or the left view. Everyone, especially with a blue check, has an agenda, and I’ am not implying some conspiracy theory garbage you can find on the boards; I’ am talking about human nature. For the weak people, a crisis is a good time to strike. Because the weak always target the weak. The observers, the aware human beings, keep an eye on the data and watch. They know that most of it is a pile of hot garbage, but can pull the non-garbage out as needed. Then they analyze the non-garbage and make an assessment. This assessment produces a product and this is where they gain their perspective. Emotions play a small part in their analysis. Obviously this perspective is not right or wrong – it just theirs. In saying that, they know they are not right, or wrong, and that their view is full of biases and subconscious ticks that will never show their face unless they are ripped out at the root, which most will never do. Either way, they know all of their views and assessments are flawed, but to have one that we have produced ourselves is a lot better than one created for us.

The Media

If you listen to the media there are two themes:

* There is nothing to worry about, its just the flu on steroids, the president is doing a great job, social distance kind of and wear a mask
* We are all going to die, the president is doing a horrible job, don’t wear a mask, it doesn’t work unless you’re in a hospital, and oh yeah its going to get really bad soon probably this week

You can guess which comment above represents which side. Frankly I could care less about the politics of this situation. There is absolutely nothing gained by making this political; unless you want to point the finger and “prove” your point, which is actually what most people want to do anyway. But when it comes to actually suppressing the spread of a virus, political blaming actually serves no purpose.

Which brings up another interesting point: we now live in a time where even in the middle of a pandemic we are still placing blame on the “other side”. So on one hand everyone is out of a job and broke, and on the other hand, everyone is on social media blaming someone else. Funny how they never blame themselves and their own actions.

The media in my opinion is not “bad” in the traditional sense of the word; they just have an agenda. Literally, news networks either support one side or the other, that’s a fact. So really it make sense that none are actually reporting on the news or the data at hand. Like I keep saying, this is not good or bad, it’s just the reality. If you are a cop you won’t be a fan of criminals. If you go to a casino you probably like gambling. It just is what it is. The media makes a living by turning everything into a shit sandwich; and everyone loves eating a shit sandwich. Just go online and look for yourself. No point to get mad or unmotivated by any of this, it just is. Move with it but don’t get caught in it.

My Take

Lets get one thing out there right now: the virus is serious. To some it doesn’t do much but to others it does. Either way, it’s not something people are lining up to get. I’ am sure my old neighbors in the mountains could care less about this virus, and I’ am sure some of them haven’t even heard of it. But that’s irrelevant because if you were lying in a hospital bed beat to shit, it would be very serious. When it comes to people it’s all about perspective, but its also about seeing all perspectives. The rational adult sits back and observes; takes what he needs from a set of data and moves on. If someone agrees, that’s fine. If someone doesn’t agree, that’s fine. Who cares. It is what it is. When we understand people and when we understand life, the bullshit that comes with it doesn’t mean much. Its just part of the process. Its the same with this virus.

Contrary to what you’ve heard, no one wanted this to get crazy like it has. At least not the average citizen. So frankly all we can do is learn to move with it and find out what It means to us. Or how is this time supposed to turn out for us? What is gained (besides the obvious) from being “locked down” and sprayed with hot garbage (the media) all day? What are we going to take from this when it’s all over? You have to ask those questions. And before someone messages me and says its not just about the individual, yes you are correct. But until you know what this situation means to you, you will be unable to help anyone else. Going off half cocked trying to save the world isn’t going to do a damn thing unless you know why you want to save the world. Meaning, purpose, and reason. Without it, you’re nothing but a ping pong ball bouncing back and forth.

I view all of this from the middle lane. I know that if I was in that hospital bed, I would feel a lot different. I know if a family member was, I would feel a lot different. If I was in a major city, I would feel a lot different. I’ am fully aware that in any other situation I could possibly be in, I would feel something different. So the situation I’ am in now is the one I’ am in, and I view it from there but towards the center. But that doesn’t mean I add to the problem. You don’t have to respect others views or situations, but you do have to be aware of them. I’ve talked to a few people online reaching out for help and a few family members. Their view is not my view and they won’t be able to see things the way I do. But I can help them wake up to the reality of this second which is nothing more than how things are. Tomorrow they will change again, and the day after that. For most of them, they need to stay inside, keep their fitness up, and get their body back to a level of homeostasis or where it should have been before all this. For many this time has been a wake up call, sadly most had to learn in the middle of a pandemic. But it’s still learning, and we all have choices. Start making them.

What I Do

I limit my movement as much as possible, but if I need to get food I get food. I check the mail once a week and I wear gloves when getting gas or shopping (make sure you take them off right). If the crowds got real bad, I would wear a mask. There are still things I have to do for work, and I do them, but I’ am aware things are different now. I don’t mentally sit on what “could” happen. It serves no purpose. If I have to get food, then I have to get food. What happens because of that doesn’t matter. Why? Because I had to get food. That’s it. Done and done. If you don’t need to go out then don’t go out, if you need to, and can, then go out.

When I take the dog for a walk, I move away when people come by, but I rarely see them because I take different routes. If I go outside and do a run, its in the back country. I don’t see a soul. If I did, I would move off, let them pass. If I shop for food I drive an hour away to a less populated area and take only what I need. It’s not rocket science. I may have views and my ways of living, but I’ am not here to screw anyone else over, and if people want space, that’s fine by me. I wanted space before it was cool.

What You Can Do

I’ am not here to give you exact advice or things you “should” do. Your situation will be different from mine. I have had a few people want exact directions on how they should think during all this and that’s a waste of time. Putting yourself in another conceptual box won’t do shit during times like this. You can use other people or resources as guides, but no ones situation is the same as anyone else’s. I live in the mountains. I could go outside right now and not see a person for 10 miles. The cases here are still in the teens (that we know about). Where I work is also in the middle of nowhere and I see zero, I repeat zero, people during the day. My physical training has not stopped or slowed. It’s just been modified.

The advice I would give to anyone having a hard time is this: fact check your thoughts and everything you consume. Write down what you’re thinking or feeling. Around the center point write what you think “makes up” the situation. In other words, what are these thoughts made of? Whats fueling them? How do they benefit me? How do they screw me? Fact check them. How accurate are they?

Yeah you may feel fear, but why? No shit why, you may be thinking, there’s a fucking virus floating around. Ok, but why does that make you afraid? If you did everything right, caught the plague, and didn’t make it, what the hell are you going to do about it? At that point you won’t even care because you won’t be here anyway.

The lesson is: stay aware, do all you can, and press forward.
Make the virus scared of you by doing all you can and dropping the mental garbage that comes with it. I have said this a million times but take some time to contemplate this: what the hell do you gain by freaking out? I’ am not saying don’t take it seriously, I’ am not saying walk around like you’re invincible, because no one is. I’ am saying drop the dead weight, because it does nothing for you. Put the systems in place to protect yourself and the ones around you, then take the rest of the mental worry and set it on fire. Waste of time.

I have had my days with this whole thing. Times where I’ve sat back and contemplated all of it. But I always came up with the same answer: do what you can and drop the rest. Don’t waste your time listening to the hype. You already know it’s serious, you don’t need someone telling you that every second of every day. You already know what to do. So cut the noise and put in the work. The rest is garbage. Press on.

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