Now that places are starting to open up, we can see the patterns taking shape even more clearly than before. One side wants everyone to stay inside forever, the other thinks the virus barely exists. We see very few frame of references that are in the center just reporting the data we have. The rule of thumb would be to listen to no resource that “only” reports from one side; and I don’t care what side they are on. The virus has made things so polarized that no one is looking for news; they are looking for their viewpoint to be confirmed. The media isn’t even trying to hide it now; they print what they believe and use any data they can find to “back it up”. So essentially the reverse of what should be happening where data determines the outcome, or at least helps to build them.

Its difficult to actually know whats going on. I would argue both sides have a point, but their “mission” ruins the real message. This time has been a clear case of a lot of noise but not a lot of signal. As I continue to say, this is more about human nature than anything. People are people. They do what’s best for them, not whats best for others. Its not that people don’t look out for others, but the driving force, especially nowadays, is to look out for oneself and to put title, career, and ego before everything. What these types don’t understand is that not being a dog on a leash to these things actually gives them more power, but thats neither here nor there for this article.

What we see is reaction. There is a virus that has done damage to some people, and because of that everyone has a fear based reaction. Instead of responding with caution, we have a reaction of fear. In doing that we have linked the “worst case” into all cases, and as we can see everything is now affected. Videos online of gyms putting plastic everywhere, or restaurants, or wherever, show reaction. This is not to say that doing that is a stupid idea, but it goes deeper than that. With all the struggles we have had in this lifetime, and with all the threats, why has this one turned out “bigger” than all the others? There is an argument to be made that many other threats over the years could have turned into what we are doing now, but they didn’t. So the question is why?

The answer has to do with a media that hates the current leadership, combined with a media that makes money from fear. When most people hear that it triggers something in them. Things turn political and sides are picked. When I say that, it’s just information to me. But we are now in a time, where even in a pandemic, all that really matters is the side you are on. If you are on one side you have to carry the narrative, if you are on another you have to carry that narrative. But one side has the ears of the people and is most of the media, so the outcome is what we have now. Personally I could care less about either side, but its pretty plain to see. As I said, we have seen the ugly side of human nature where that ugliness is in control no matter what is going on. This all stems from unhappiness in life and I would argue most people are unhappy. When your internal state is a pile of hot garbage you pick something “outside” of you to latch onto; a group, a headline. This keeps the focus off your own bullshit and allows you to project it out to the world. It’s a crutch. And now the crutches rule. So what we see is people going along with the narrative, but very few actually know why. The focus is not safety; the focus is the narrative. Biases. This is human nature.

This also creates a grey area where we don’t really know whats going on. You can see videos preaching the use of masks one second, and then taking them off when the cameras supposedly stop recording. Or people in health saying masks do nothing, yet everyone is wearing them. As far as masks, to me the idea is simple; create a barrier and the spread will be less. But most of these barriers are imperfect and while you may have one on, I cant prove to anyone with an ideological lean that it will do anything. Which brings us to the next point of even if we had “proof” on what to do with this virus, it really doesn’t matter because people believe what they want to believe. And to add more confusion, so many people have supposedly had this virus and they didn’t even know it. So from an optical standpoint, it makes it not “look” as bad if you are someone in a non-hotspot watching from afar. There are many elements here and none of them connect together. We are dealing with an ideological issue, an optical issue (how it looks), a health issue, and a political issue. Put them in a pot and stir up; thats what we have now.

What to do? Nothing. Set yourself up where these things don’t trigger a reaction from a mental perspective. Look at the situation for what it is, and while it may not sound very “scientific”, make your own determination as to what to do, but do it off of data and not ideology, and don’t do something that effects another in a negative way. If you have a sick family member (not from COVID) maybe you should stay away from them in case you are carrying something. Maybe if you feel like you have symptoms of COVID you should stay inside and monitor your symptoms. The point is – use common sense. This virus isn’t made up in the sense that no one is dying from it. Something is out there killing people, so while you don’t have to live in fear, be aware of the enemy. The one that isn’t is the one that loses in the long run. As I always say, stay in the middle lane, observe. Dont add your commentary to whats going on, no one cares anyway. Stay aware and do what you have to do, but don’t add to the noise. We have enough already.

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