The mind is a survival tool.

Its that simple.

It has kept us alive, it has kept us safe.

But when it runs out of things to hide from, it creates things to hide in.

This is why, in 2018, we have so many things we worry about but none of them should be worried about; the mind is creating things because we have it easy from a survival stand point.

I won’t name these things again, I have tweeted about them many times. They are obvious at this point, just look at your own life.

We find anything we can to freak out about, but very few of them are worthy of our energy.

The mind/ego takes a position, and then you’re finished. Its all over.

You’re now a slave to that position and the mind has setup its firewall. If anything happens outside of that firewall you are unable to handle it, because its now outside of the comfortable box you have created.

The first way to transcend this is by Knowing it.

Notice the capital K; you cant just say it, you have to Know that there is a space that you can create between “you” and your mind. Its what the sages have been saying for thousands of years.

We apply it to our lives now by using this space as a tool to create a mental distance. In doing that we gain real “control” because now we don’t have the mind giving orders. We have options when we have space.

Once the space is created, the block starts falling apart. Once it starts falling apart the light shines through. Once a block is broken its hard to put it back together. Its like poking a small hole in a water ballon, it just keeps getting bigger. This is what we are trying to do.

We have to Know there are blocks, we have to build a space, and we have to be able to work in that space. Before anyone asks “how,” I just told you; Know there is a such thing as not being that voice in your head.

Think about noise cancelling headphones; you turn them on and you hear nothing, silence. Maybe a small buzzing. That buzz is how life really is; its just there, observing. Thats real life.

Life is not the story you create, its the space behind it thats always been there.

But the mind steps in and wants to take control, make sure you are safe. Thats where it all goes to shit.

Safe from what is my question. As Dr. David Hawkins has said in his lectures, there is a difference between caution and fear. Most don’t know this difference and live in constant fear, even if they don’t think so.

We can use caution to not get hit by a car but we don’t have to live in it.

Then when we live in fear, we look to the external to “help” us; hows that working out for you?

Also, as Dr. Hawkins has said, the non-linear is the only place where anything can be fixed. The non-linear is that space I spoke about above, its meditating, its having an experience, its feeling the presence of life instead of trying to make it. This is where we get better.

Start by Knowing, then create a space, and then try to work in that space.

Once you can work in that space, the hole of awareness will get bigger and bigger.

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