One of the hardest things about teaching people how to transcend the mind, is how lost someone can get in the puzzle of cryptic teachings throughout the years.

It’s very easy to miss the point in what these teachers were saying, but we will go over some of the popular ones here.

If an ancient teacher says something along the lines of nothing is good or bad, or that the “world is not real” then seems to leave it at that, he has already proved his point.

What he is saying is that nothing is good or bad, or real, until we apply a definition to it. We apply our own personal definition of what a situation “is,” we take a position on it (good or bad), then we torture ourselves with it because we become stuck IN it. In other words, we build a box of what we like, or don’t like, and if anything happens outside of that we lose our minds.

We have built a box that we can never get out of. So, in theory, we have created our world and none of it is real.

Another thing we hear about is “rising above it,” or transcendence.

The meaning of this is easier than it seems. When you can become the observer then you are “above” what you see as good or bad. When you are above something (with awareness) you can play with it, modify it, do what you have to do because you have the high ground. You have created a space between you and the “things”. Thats power.

Transcendence is the same way, how can you Know and See the duality (good or bad) from an observational position and still be mentally tormented by it? Most of the time, especially for the seasoned seeker, just being able to See the duality of the situation is enough to not be part of it, or transcend it.

Transcendance is just another version of not picking a side, staying in awareness, creating a space, or observing, until the issue is no longer an issue. It could be another version not caring about something but having the option to care if needed.

Example: if you have an opponent at arms length and he cant get past your reach, what do you have? Space. In that space you can make any choice you want. Thats what we want – choices.

It took me a while to understand, but this is what all the sages are pointing to: knowledge is power, and awareness is power. Being able to create a little space between “you” and your thoughts will allow for transcendence. Transcendence allows for problems to become nothing more than new options.

When you ask a ton of questions about “how” or “why” or “where” you have most likely missed the point.

These points they make you have to study and experience yourself.

I would argue that most of life’s questions can be answered through awareness or ancient “spiritual” knowledge, but you have to See it.

All of these texts and teachings are telling the initiate to look inside. What they mean is take care of yourself before “looking” to anything outside of you for answers. If you are full of ego you are blind. Your internal world must be under your control before moving forward on any path of Self mastery.

Don’t get bogged down by the cryptic messages; the answer is there when observed, the details themselves don’t matter.

This is why they say experience is the Truth; you have to experience what these ancient teachers are saying.

You could read 600 pages and only one line will matter. This has happened to me many times, but that one line is what sparks the drive to find your true Self.

If you find yourself confused in your studies, stop and restart. Contemplate whats really going on. See if you can feel what you think you are missing.

Most of the time the “point” is right in front of your face. There is nothing more to find.

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