I’ve spent years now on the “path” as they would say. Really this means nothing more than searching for the truth in all situations. When I say truth I don’t mean that in some metaphysical, or spiritual way.

I mean that literally – there is a truth in everything, and it’s before (or beyond) thought, the mind, and constant mental narration that serves us no purpose. Once I learned this, subjectively, the path ended for me. This does not mean my studies will end, but the “search” itself has. This is the point of anything we do – we eventually have to drop the tools and live the life. But, as I said above, it’s subjective.

Everyone you see that writes a self-help book, spiritual book, tweets online about “mastery”, are all looking for the same thing. The problem is they stay stuck in the search because its something to do. They begin to label themselves as “spiritual”, or a guru, or a teacher, or the latest a “coach”. Its becomes a hobby, it becomes a “thing”, it becomes an identification. The minute they do that, it’s all over. Everyone is doing it. Thousands of accounts tweeting about life, mastery, or money, but very few have it; very few live it. Social media has given everyone a pulpit.

There are less than probably five accounts online that actually speak any truth without an “image”, brand, or “look” associated with them.The spiritual, or mens self-help accounts are the worst. Its all games. But it’s their game and it is what it is. You can judge but not make a judgement, as they say.

This does not mean my account is anything special, but if you read, or read between the lines, you will see bare bones reality, or facts, that I have subjectively learned. These facts may help you, or maybe they wont. In all seriousness, I don’t care if they do or don’t. Its not my place to force anything on you. I don’t try to be this or that; I break things down and report the findings.

Many will say they took themselves from this to that, but they are still playing with “mindsets” and “frames”, or in other words, they are trying to escape what can’t be escaped by “going” to something else. Its forcing something that is not ready to be forced. Plus they have products, and they want your money. Gotta keep the boat afloat.

If you read as much as I have you will see common themes pop up, and one of them is true freedom. Almost everything you read, no matter how esoteric it sounds, is pointing to a place “before” thought, or before constant mental narration. There is nothing special about it, but it has become special because no one knows anything about that place nowadays. We live in our heads 24/7 and believe that is life. Its not. As you can see online with social media, everyone lives in a concept; a box that keeps them from jumping. Reality is so harsh, for them, anything that keeps them off the cliff is a good thing. So aligning with a mindset is that thing. But deep down nothing has changed.

The point of saying all this is not to be pessimistic, its the opposite. We want to highlight our issues with a spotlight. When we do that, the truth comes out and we see the truth, we see the reality. When you see it, you can make changes. All the things I’ am speaking against, I have been there, but I did not stay there.

On the surface we have images, we have brands, and while they serve a monetary purpose, they keep us in a box. Which means these people are tortured 24/7, whether they admit it or not. A dog on a leash to content and a “look”. Which means eventually the dark hole inside of them gets deeper and everything becomes forced. Without fluidity, without some truth, everything becomes the same thing. An ad. Something to sell. A way to make you feel “better” instead of addressing why you need to feel better in the first place.

If you were to ask me what I’ve learned, what the point of doing these newsletters, articles, tweets, my book, etc, it would be this – the mind tortures us everyday because we don’t know how it works and we like living in mud with the other pigs. We like it because its safe, we like it because its a community, but the real master, the real sage, wants nothing to do with the safety of the herd. He walks away and whatever happens happens.

You will not get anywhere in life if you don’t address these internal issues; if you don’t address the mind and see how its kept you locked in a cage. Do all the meditation, rituals, ceremony’s, hacks, astral stuff you want, but until you look deep at the “why” you were drawn to all that stuff in the first place, nothing will ever change. Lipstick on a pig. A bandaid.

Everything I do is to provide a resource to ask why; to ask the hard questions. There are very few that you follow who will ever ask those questions. Because the minute they do their image is threatened and when its threatened the truth comes out. The biggest accounts you follow, the biggest books you read, are written by people that could never ask these questions.

I have asked them for 30 years straight, daily, and it’s not easy. But the truth reveals itself every time.

Ask the questions and you will find true freedom in your daily life.

Don’t get lost in the process. Use the process, use the tools for their intended purpose, but at some point you need to drop that baggage and live it. The training creates a condition, but you dont stay stuck in it.

Eventually you have to stop reading, stop practicing, and start doing. But doing in a way where there is no “doing” at all.

The “choiceless choice”, as they say.

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