The Mental Virus Part 2: Whats really going on?

Now that places are starting to open up, we can see the patterns taking shape even more clearly than before. One side wants everyone to stay inside forever, the other thinks the virus barely exists. We see very few frame of references that are in the center just reporting the data we have. The rule […]

The Mental Virus Part 1

I don’t have to start off this article like every other idiot and say “In case you have been living under a rock…” because we all know what’s going on. A virus has “swept the world” as they say and things have changed. Even though it’s a new buzzword by the blue check marks, things […]

Whether you want to admit it or not, you do have a choice.

One thing I find interesting about people is they think choice doesn’t exist in their life. While I would be the first to say that things “are as they are” in most situations, there are always choices to be made. Rarely are we involved in something where there is absolutely nothing we can do and […]

Depression and Choice

As I tweeted earlier today, one of the number one signs of depression is someone that feels they have no choice. They feel that every single thing is happening to them and there are no other options. Even for someone that would not consider themselves depressed, this is still an issue. I would argue most […]

Death Is The Ultimate Anxiety

The truth, whether we want to admit it or not, is that most of our anxieties come from the fear of death. At some point in life we become aware of death and the anxiety of it hits us. Then we avoid it but modifying our experiences to keep anxieties low. Especially in modern times. […]

Choice – The Inner Alchemy

Its very easy, especially in modern times, to focus on the parts of our lives that are not optimal. We are designed to focus on the worry and not focus on the possibilities. We do this for “safety” reasons, but in modern times we are not in a position where this “safety” should be such […]

Acceptance Is Not The Same As Surrender

I’ve often wondered what this word means – acceptance. In my old line of work this word did not exist, and if it did, it was to accept that shit went wrong and now you have to find a way out of it. But nowadays, I have contemplated the meaning many times. For most hard […]

Where Is The Line? The Boundless Boundary and The Funnel.

One of the biggest blocks I had starting down the path of real inner work, was finding the “line” between using the tools and insights gained and simply aborting the situation all together. When we are on this path we start by learning how to cope, or how to “deal” with things. This allows an […]

Your Thoughts Own You

If you are unable to observe your thoughts, then you are tortured by them. This is how it works for many of us, if not 99% of society. The sad part is they don’t know any other “state” exists. They are thrown around by every thought; attaching to it like glue. Then it’s all over. […]

Internal Work Is Supposed To Hurt

One of the greatest challenges of internal work is trying to discover your real “Self” while battling the worldly issues you face on a daily basis. And no matter how Awake you are, you will still battle them. The deeper question is why does someone become awake in this day and age, and still get […]