Nature has Answers

I was climbing in the mountains on a cold, windy day. I could feel the rain pouring down on my skin and soaking up my clothes. I reached my right hand higher to find a hold on the next rock, not anticipating my right foot to slip on the wet rock below it. I crashed […]

Waking up in 2018, the Modern “Enlightenment”

I don’t like the word Enlightenment, mostly because there is no way to define it. Go online and search for videos of people becoming “Enlightened” in some gurus presence. Usually what you will find is an over positive “seeker” that wants nothing more than a dopamine rush, or nothing more than a notch on their […]

Be the Bowl

You have fish in the bowl. You have water. Then you have the bowl surrounding it all. Be the bowl. Picture this in your head, but do so with awareness or the ego is going to take over. We identify with nothing in our lives but the fish. The fish are the thoughts in our […]

Vacation Anywhere

I spent the week in a mountain resort. I’m sure the normal definition of a resort would not apply to this place, but it was Nature with a nice place to sleep. I spent a lot of the time outside with my lady, and when you’re in Nature you learn things. One thing that kept […]

The Mind, the Ego, is the Problem

We have to know right off the bat that most, if not all, of our problems come from an exaggeration of the mind/ego. Its that simple. I could leave that sentence alone and it would answer most of your questions. This is why one person at work is miserable and the other is not. One […]

What Do You Want?

Ask yourself, and be honest, what do you really want? Most can’t truthfully ask this question. Why not? Because it forces them to see all the ways they have sabotaged themselves, all the hard work it will take to get what they want, and the real kicker – all their flaws. The ego hates flaws […]