If you are unable to observe your thoughts, then you are tortured by them.

This is how it works for many of us, if not 99% of society. The sad part is they don’t know any other “state” exists. They are thrown around by every thought; attaching to it like glue.

Then it’s all over.

If you are unaware of another state to live in, a state not run by your thoughts, you will never actually live.

I’m not saying you don’t need to think, I’m saying you don’t always have to be lost in thought. Big difference.

People that play sports devote themselves to their cause while on the field, but when the game is over they go home.

Our home is before thoughts, and we should go there more often.

Thoughts have to come from somewhere, so we should align more with that “somewhere”. Its like fish jumping in a pond, the water doesn’t care. These fish come and go, but the water stays the same.

Be the water.

And when you need something, be the fish. Jump in and out as needed. Interact with life as needed.

But when there is no interaction, the mind makes it up and thats where we live.

Analyzing the same situations for years with no end in sight. Thats not living. That’s filling the space when the dopamine goes down.

Don’t fill the space; be the space.

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