Ask yourself, and be honest, what do you really want? Most can’t truthfully ask this question.

Why not?

Because it forces them to see all the ways they have sabotaged themselves, all the hard work it will take to get what they want, and the real kicker – all their flaws.

The ego hates flaws and men have huge egos. So they make excuses, and try to justify why they are in a “rut.”

An oversized ego is nothing but a cry of weakness; its used as a bandaid to cover up all the flaws and weaknesses a man has. Instead of being confident in his own skills (which is not the same as an inflated ego) he lets his ego run wild and pull him like a dog on a leash.

Someone goes against his ego? There will be hell to pay. But It will no different than a three year old throwing a temper tantrum.

You don’t see anyone getting shot at on a battlefield with a big ego.

So people make these excuses and sit in their shit like a pig thats too fat to move.

Why move? Why push for what you want? That takes work, sitting in shit takes no work. Plus most smartphones are water resistant now so you can probably surf the internet while sitting in the shit.

The number one thing that holds people back from getting what they want is not that it will be too hard, its admitting to themselves that they might not be able to do something.

Its the thought that if they go for a goal they “might” fuck it up. But anyone that has done anything in their life fucked it all the way up to get where they are at. How else do you learn?

Your first shot is not always a kill, sometimes you have to walk the rounds up.

Life is on the fly, it doesn’t care what you want or how you want things to work out, but it does respect Truth and it does respect hard “work”.

But don’t get those two things twisted; hard work is nothing but a waste of time if you’re are not serious, if you don’t have the balls to ask yourself the hard questions.

What are the hard questions?

What am I doing wrong. How am I doing it wrong. Whats holding me back. Is my hormonal state destroying my mental state. Why am I so afraid to fail. Why can’t I put down the bottle, put down the drugs.

And the big one…

Why am I so weak that I don’t have the awareness to see these flaws and put a program in place to fix them?

Ask those questions. Write it all down, document it. Make it real. Then start dissecting. Go back as far as you have to in your life, but don’t attach to any of it. You’re a person in a movie theater watching thoughts fly by on a screen, noting them, connecting the dots, but not attaching.

Break it all down, but don’t obsess over it. Do not attach to it.

Realize that you have made your own prison but you also have the power to break out of it.

The mind can be used against the mind, thats what makes human beings different from animals; we have real control over our mental states but we let our mental states control us.

We are slaves to our mind. Nothing exists in our life but our thoughts and we are totally defined by them.

As I type this there are men overseas, in the streets, wherever, getting shot at and shooting back. What are we doing? Bitching about our boss who told us our spreadsheet sucked. Perspective. People would kill to be in your shoes. Control your perceptions, don’t let them control you.

You are not your thoughts. I’ve said this for a while now. You think you’re but your not.

How do I know this? Because I did it for years. Paranoia and anger fueled my life. I had no place for anything else.

Now I can see anger, see pain, and laugh at it. Not because I think I’m special, because I know the Truth.

The Truth is that no one gave us a guarantee when we were born that life would make us happy. Life’s job Is not to make us happy. Nature knows no kings, and nature doesn’t give a fuck. Just like life.

Once you realize this, life becomes easier. Getting what you want becomes easier.

Because there are no other choices, you now really control things by having the knowledge of what these “things” really are.

This is not about being pessimistic, or about not striving for greatness, this is about the reality that WE create our greatness or are happiness internally. Nothing external has any influence on our mental states or what we want. It might throw us for a loop but there is always another angle to work.

I created this newsletter to help people dissect their problems and realize that externals will give you nothing if your insides are shit.

There are many steps to real mental control, but you won’t find them “out there.” You already have all the answers, but most are too afraid to get out of their hole and make a move. There is too much unknown out there. Unknown = anxiety.

Ask yourself the hard questions right now. Put it down on paper. Some of you need to prepare to feel like a bitch. But thats good because that means you asked the real questions. Most can’t do that.

If you think you can ask the hard questions then you are in the right place. If you want to be the pig that stays stuck in shit with his water proof smartphone then unsubscribe now. Excuses will not work here, only facts. While I do sometimes talk like a drunken sailor, this will not be tough guy talk here. Only facts. And everything I’ve just said are facts.

Everything that I fucked up on in my life, and everything I’ve done right, will be dissected here. Hopefully some of you will learn from it and in turn not repeat it.

To some of you, welcome home.

To the others, hopefully your smartphone gets service down there.

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