We have to know right off the bat that most, if not all, of our problems come from an exaggeration of the mind/ego. Its that simple. I could leave that sentence alone and it would answer most of your questions.

This is why one person at work is miserable and the other is not. One chooses to see things in a different perspective and the other chooses to sit in shit. To go beyond that, there is no positive or negative, its how we label our experience.

Whether we like it or not, or think its all these externals outside of us, our “view” or perception is what makes anything what it is. So obviously this can go both ways; we either put our energy into what would help us, or what would hurt us. We love to focus on what would hurt us, because we think its for survival. We have to know that these survival mechanisms (like the mind/ego) are just that – tools. They are nothing more, but we think they are.

When that voice is going over and over in your head, about the same old shit, its you thats feeding it. If you hit a point where you could realize that you’re not your mind/ego, the voice would stop.

A mind thats not always racing is achievable right now, but you have to Know its achievable. If you’re reading this you should know that its possible, and that is the first step.

Real control is knowing your mental state, your internal states, and knowing that nothing “outside” of you is “doing” anything, its your reaction to them that makes the difference.

Know that your mind/ego is the problem, know that its all noise.

The next question you will ask is “well how am I supposed to accomplish anything in life if I don’t use my mind?”

This question is missing the point entirely. The mind/ego is a tool, you can use it, but use for a purpose. Watch your thoughts, watch your perceptions and ask yourself the hard questions, ask yourself if any of it is actually doing anything for you. If it isn’t, you have your answer.

The mind/ego can be used against itself by shining a light on it. Thats what makes us different from animals; we can actually SEE what we are doing to ourselves and change it if needed. We can contemplate.

This involves investigating the reason we think the way we do, and so forth. This Is what I guide people on.

Most of this work can be done ourselves, and as I’ve said, the main component is Knowing that its possible.

Take some time to actually Know what you are really capable of from a mental standpoint. Take the time to investigate and take the time to see what is really going on in your head.

Do not let the mind/ego guide you; use it against itself by shining a light on the Truth.

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