I was climbing in the mountains on a cold, windy day. I could feel the rain pouring down on my skin and soaking up my clothes.

I reached my right hand higher to find a hold on the next rock, not anticipating my right foot to slip on the wet rock below it. I crashed face-first into the wall without mercy.

A mad rush of adrenaline was surging in my body and my animal brain was trying its hardest to keep me “alive” by talking me out of being there. 

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?! What is the point of climbing this wall if there’s a chance of smashing my face in it? Give up and climb down.”

Seconds later, I felt completely at peace without a care or worry in the world.

Truth Will Hit You

I stopped where I was and looked off into the far distance. White clouds were sitting low in the valley, and the mountain tops were piercing through them. There were some big houses scattered throughout the mountains. 

It was at that moment where I knew who was really in control. I experienced what the wise sage would call a “direct thought” or a “download”. 

Like an instant flash of light out of nowhere, I heard a very distinct thought:

This is what I want to do. I want to be here as much as possible.

It felt like a bolt of lightning that causes you to wake up. If you’ve ever consciously witnessed the brief glimpse of time between when you’re dreaming and when you’re waking up, you have experienced what I am talking about right now.

It wasn’t just some random thought spiraling in my head. I was hit by the Truth.

There were no more questions at that point, and I remember my mind going quiet. I could also describe it as feeling forgetful, like any aspect of the experience that was negative did not matter. I moved up. That was all.

Truth Changes Your Perception Of Time, Society And The World At Large

I must have been sitting still for seconds, maybe even minutes. I thought that the guide holding my rope would have taken notice and called out toward me. 

When I looked down, he was not looking at me. He was simply sitting there in his own space, holding the rope and doing nothing else. 

But that was perfectly OK. He was in his own space, and I was in mine. Even though I stopped out of nowhere, nobody said a word. I continued on my climb. Whether he looked or not, I was protected by the rope in place.

Every single time a thought would try to disconnect me from my experience in the present moment, I just watched it. The power of my racing thoughts was lost on me, and it didn’t matter what popped up.

In that lighting bolt moment, all my questions were answered without hesitation or uncertainty

The Truth About Truth

Do I know why the Truth hit me like that? Nope. Do I care why? Nope. 

The Truth comes when we are ready. After a day of being wet, cold, and miserable, the Truth came. The question of “why” was now answered.

There is no doubt that something in nature connects us to something more. Nature provides an opening, a way for our experience to connect with us in ways not normally possible. 

Maybe it’s as simple as being away from the noise of the normal world, maybe it’s a connection we can’t make sense of unless we are one with nature.

It doesn’t really matter.

The bottom line is we can find answers in nature if we are simply willing to seek them out and accept them exactly as they are without resistance. 

If something is blocking you, or something is holding you back, get into nature. Just go and see what happens. Let nature guide you.

If you ask, and wait, you will find an answer. 

Nature always has answers.

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  1. I’ve felt that.. experienced it… similar, but different. Something about your words, writing, and experience resonate Jason. Thanks again. Paul

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