Its very easy, especially in modern times, to focus on the parts of our lives that are not optimal.

We are designed to focus on the worry and not focus on the possibilities. We do this for “safety” reasons, but in modern times we are not in a position where this “safety” should be such a concern.

Yet, day after day we put our limited amounts of energy into things that frankly may not matter in the long run. How many times have we wasted energy and focus on something that could go wrong only for it to not go wrong?

As an example, look at a new career. We freak out about not getting the job and totally forget that we could get the job.

The focus is on the fear, because being aware of the fact that we could get the job leads to a fear of not getting the job.

We mentally turn ourselves in circles to avoid the possibility that things could go wrong; but they can also go right.

If we take a situation where 75% of it could be seen as sub-optimal, we still have 25% to play with. We don’t focus on this 25% because it’s a small number and we believe the chances of it happening are slim. But there is a problem with this outlook from a statistical perspective.

How can we be absolutely sure that the 25% is nothing? We cant, and thats the point.

That 25% could be enough to change our entire situation, yet we don’t focus on it at all. This leads to wasted energy and a bad context that serves us no purpose.

If the focus is only on the worry (the 75%), then we are focusing on something that cannot be changed, which is a waste of time. In other words, if the 75% is the “bad” and we feel it’s going to happen anyway, why would we focus on it beyond a certain point? It’s like getting sick, and instead of trying to get better, you just focus on the fact that you are sick.

This is the Inner Alchemy – being aware of the entire situation but actively choosing which part we want to work with.

Our biggest tool, our biggest angle to work, is that of choice. When a situation throws us certain information, we have to find the right data to work with, to align with. But let me be clear; I’m not saying we work or align with data for the hell of it, or try to be more “positive”. I’m talking about using every single piece of information at hand for our mental benefit.

Focusing on the 25%, as mentioned above, is not being more positive; it’s working with fact. It’s a fact that 25% still remains “good” and we can work with that. It may not be a strong percentage, but it’s still a percentage.

Awareness of both percentages is key but focusing solely on the sub-optimal parts, thinking that it will suddenly change, is a fools game.

Our goal is to work the 25% and try to make it 50%.

If my tires are flat I’m not going to be mad about the fact that they are flat; I’m going to work the small percentage I have left (because I’m sitting there with a non-working vehicle) to make them un-flat and get my percentages back in line.

A lot of the things we consider positive, or happy, or spiritual, or whatever, actually have solid facts behind them. We cant say we have no chance at something going the right way but actually have a 25% chance in reality. It would make no factual sense to say so. Yes, the percentage is small but its not zero.

We have to be aware of these things when navigating though life. We spend a lot of time on the bigger percentage, even when its serving us no purpose.

This is not to say that we don’t work on parts that need to be worked on in our lives. Or that the “negative” parts of our situations wont need work; this is to say that our focus needs to be shifted towards awareness, action, and resolution, not all that could go wrong.

Many times I’ve told people, I just don’t see the reason of worry and emotion past a certain point. If the body gives you a ping of emotion..OK go ahead and look at it for a minute. But worry, in most cases, comes from insecurity because deep down you believe you can’t handle something. We all have done it. Many times.

But when you really grasp the idea of Inner Alchemy, as I said before, you see that you have choice.

And that technically, right now, you don’t have to worry about anything.

It’s your choice.

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